Nuvation Engineering is a North American product realization company that performs all aspects of electronic product development, from initial concept and design through to volume production. The partnerships we have with leading semiconductor manufacturers combined with our 20 years providing electronic design services enable us to deliver high-quality solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Nuvation Engineering has delivered hardware and software solutions across all industries, ranging from consumer electronics through medical devices, defense & aerospace, and industrial automation. Our success is due to a combination of engineering excellence, best practices in project management, and strong relationships with technology partners.

At Nuvation, engineering is our culture.

We’re technically advanced. We thrive on complexity. We analyze, we learn, we create. We celebrate engineering.

Nuvation Engineering has completed over 1000 projects, has Design Centers in Canada and the United States, and is partnered with many of the most respected technology providers in the world.

We Engage in Engineering as a Team Sport

It takes a very broad skill set to be able to deliver all the software and hardware required to create an electronic device. Our team encompasses a dazzling diversity of skills and backgrounds.

Our external technology partnerships enable us to reach beyond our team to deliver complete solutions to our customers. From supply chain sourcing and management to leveraging the engineering teams of our semiconductor and other technology partners, we have all your project needs covered.

We are Engineers to the Core

The Nuvation Garage is where Nuvation’s engineers work on…whatever they want. The “DiscoFish” was transformed from a humble Ford camper van into a 50’ long, fully autonomous vehicle with drive-by-wire capabilities, Garmin GPS and SICK Lidar. The “scales” are comprised of 800+ computer-controlled RGB LED lights, individually driven by a custom software. The 20’ flamethrower is also a Nuvation one-of-a-kind design, running on a Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller, and 200 gallons of onboard propane.

We Are a Rare Breed of Sociable Engineers


People sometimes ask me, why would people who work together want to hang out with each other after work? My answer is “why would you want to work with people you wouldn’t like to hang out with after work? -Michael Worry, CEO