Nuvation has medical device design experience in ultrasound, MRI, Computed Radiography (CR), intravascular / intracardiac motor drive units, handhelds, and invasive robotic surgical equipment. We often co-develop with our mechanical engineering partners and FDA-certified EMS firms.

Nuvation is able to work through all phases of the medical device development process. Our team of medical device consultants take designs through verification while supporting your in-house teams for DMR/DHR, clinical trials, and validation. In the scientific market, Nuvation runs the gamut across various imaging and processing systems for drug discovery, DNA sequencing, and scientific image processing. Our breadth of experience in RF, digital, analog, power, FPGA, DSP, MCU, and interfaces combined with our detail-oriented design methodologies and documentation meshes well with a vast array of scientific and medical device designs.

Medical Device Design Expertise:

  • 510K and PMA Level 3 product development
  • Medical imaging systems: MRI, Ultrasound, CR
  • RF scalpels, imaging, isolation, and wireless
  • Precision motor control
  • Blood Glucose Meters
  • Handheld electronics
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • PCI Cards
  • USB, SCSI, ATA, and Firewire peripherals
  • Ethernet, GbE
  • Electro-Optical designs